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Harvesting Hope

 In the US, it is estimated that as much as 40% of food is wasted. Have you seen unharvested fruit trees in your neighborhood.

Here's your chance to do something about it.
TC Harvest, is a local grass-roots effort dedicated to raise awareness on food waste and food insecurity. We're a group of friends who redirect or "glean" local produce to charitable organizations who feed our hungry neighbors. This activity:
  • Builds community (bringing people together to solve local challenges)
  • Promotes sustainable hyper-local foods (using good local food that would otherwise go to waste)
  • Feeds the hungry  (In Tulare County alone, 43.8% of adults live in food insecure households!)
  • Promotes health (through physical activity as we harvest, sharing nutritious food, and building social/community connections)

Homeowners:  If you have a larger amount of fruit or vegetables in your yard, or are physically unable to harvest the fruit on your tree, and you live in Visalia, Tulare, Lindsay or Exeter, our team of TC Harvest volunteers will visit your home on a weekend and harvest the food on your property. Learn more and donate!

Harvest Volunteers: Are you free for a few hours on the weekends?  Are you interested in being involved in our project?  We always need new volunteers. Learn more about us and join us!

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    ! Register your trees with excess fruit or plan for upcoming seasons.!
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