Does Hospice Really Deserve Such a Bad Rap?

For some reason, the word hospice evokes negative feelings in most people. When looking for quality in-home care for a senior loved one, they might think that hospice is some terrible, expensive program that just speeds up dying. The fact is, that’s not what hospice is about at all. Hospice provides great medical care and grace at the end of life. If you find that a loved one needs at-home care near the end of their life, then hospice may be the perfect choice.

There’s More to Hospice than You Think

Hospice care isn’t just for cancer patients. HospiceAny patient with a terminal illness, whether aged 99 or 9 months, is offered in-home care or in-facility care from licensed and trained professionals. These experienced workers help to ease pain and make the end of life a comfortable experience. This means that your loved one can avoid the inconvenience and difficulty of being in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices for appointments and treatments. Whether your loved one has one month to live or several years to live, hospice can meet them at their need level and provide deep care in place of a cure.

Hospice is Completely Affordable
Unlike other in-home health care options, hospice is a very affordable choice. Medicare Part A covers hospice under their benefits. Medicaid also covers hospice care. Many private insurances will pay for all or part of hospice care as long as the patients meet the requirements for terminal illness. This means little to no out-of-pocket cost for the family.

Patients and Their Families Get the Best Care
Hospice patients receive both medical and other attentions. They can get help from therapists and social workers to help them deal with and plan for the dying process. And while the focus of hospice is to take the best care of the patients, the families are not forgotten. They can receive training and instruction to help in the care of their loved one if they wish. They also have counseling for during and after their loved one’s death.

The Power is Left in the Family’s Hands
A big concern with hospice is that the health care workers will take over plans for the patient. This isn’t true! Patients can keep their same doctors in addition to the hospice doctors. The doctors, nurses, social workers, and other members of the hospice team are there at the patient’s disposal. They work together with the patient and the patient’s family to determine the best plan of care. The power of decision making is always left with the patient or their families.

Don’t Ignore a Good Option for a Loved One
If you need to find in-home help for a senior loved one at end-of-life, don’t shy away from hospice. Research what hospice is really about and see if your loved one qualifies. Your loved one can live with dignity and comfort with great medical care. Explore hospice as an option today.