Basic Facts About Health And Well-being

It is sad to know that though people have advanced in technology and general health well-being, some people still die from treatable conditions. This is especially common in developing and third world countries all over the world. It is also good to note that in the developed countries some people still die or suffer from treatable diseases since they cannot afford the cost of fitness care.

Providing affordable fitness care is something that each and every country all over the world should aim to offer its citizens. Many citizens, especially those in the lower earning bracket often struggle to provide good fitness care arrangements for their families. Many therefore, end up struggling all their lives due to treatable diseases or end up dying.

Factors that determine a person’s well-being

In most cases, the general well-being of people is dictated by their income. For example, a person living in a crowded slum area may be prone to contact communicable diseases and also sanitation related diseases like cholera. In most cases, the person may not have the finances to go to hospital and hence, his general well-being goes down.

Another factor that determines a person’s well-being is availability and affordability of fitness facilities. Close proximity of a fitness facility enables citizens to attend the clinic whenever they have a fitness problem. Where these facilities are far, the patient may be hindered form going due to transport issues.

The third thing that determines whether a person goes to the fitness facility or not is affordability. Some people who cannot afford the cost of proper care are forced to stay at home and suffer silently until they can get some kind of relief.

The duty of the government in fitness issues

Many governments all over the world encourage its citizens to save some money in insurance agencies. People are urged to make monthly contributions into a personal account, which they can use when they need to see a doctor. The government pays out some of the money to the hospital, and the patient can therefore, relax during the treatment process.

Another duty of the government is to provide affordable and available fitness care institutions. The care centers should be at close proximity to the citizens so that they do not travel for miles to access these services. The charges especially in government hospitals should be standardized and made affordable to all its citizens.

In some developed countries, the governments ensure that their citizens can receive free fitness care through an established government system. They also ensure that they have built properly equipped and well-staffed hospitals in every town. More to it, they provide other small fitness care facilities for those minor fitness issues.


The issue of a person’s well-being is very important all over the world. All people have a right to experience good care regardless of their economic status or geographic position. Therefore, every country should strive to ensure that all its citizens have a proper, available and affordable health care system.